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No matter your career having fresh smelling breath can increase your chances to gain growth opportunities. We understand the bad breath can take a toll on a patient’s lifestyle and more importantly overall oral health.

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Oral health for a family is a top priority to have bright, healthy smiles, as well as maintaining healthy eating habits. At our practice, we understand the importance of premiere oral health for your loved ones.

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For some, the use of protective sports guards protects them during activity. While others find the use of night guards beneficial to protect their teeth from nightly grinding and preserve their teeth’s natural look and health.

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For some, a dental appointment has been an uncomfortable visit for most of their lives for a variety of reasons. We understand this discomfort and strive to help patients who may experience anxiety or worry about dental procedures feel at ease while visiting our office.

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Early detection and prevention is a vital part of long term dental health. At our practice, we value thoroughly understanding the oral health of our patients. To provide premium dental care to our patients, we offer oral cancer screenings to detect signs of oral cancer or precancerous conditions inside a patient’s mouth.

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The Biomimetic Approach and Preventive Dentistry together for a long lasting natural smile. Our dentistry is committed to avoid unnecessary procedures. With routine exams, our dentist believes: "Less is More" when it comes to treating teeth.

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Sealants are a thin protective coating made from dental materials that cover the deep grooves on surfaces of a patient's back teeth. Sealants are designed to help prevent the early stages of a cavity

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As a patient ages, it is guaranteed that they will at some point gain their wisdom teeth. For some, this causes no issues and their dental health is never affected, but for others, the growth of their wisdom teeth can cause a serious alteration in the appearance of their smile.

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At Pasha Dental Group we specialize in General, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Los Angeles (near Mar Vista). Dr. Nazli Majd aims to make your visit as comfortable as possible, feel free to make an appointment online today.

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