Digital Dentistry

At Pasha Dental Group, we are committed to implementing the latest dental technology to provide our patients with optimal dental care in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Advancements in the dental industry have led to the growing acceptance of digital dentistry. With this in mind, our team uses the latest technologies that digital dentistry has to offer giving us the advantage of precise diagnosing, proper fitting appliances, and top-rated preventative care.

advanced digital x-ray and intraoral cameras

Streamlined Procedures

Digital dentistry technology allows our dentist to provide a streamlined, efficient process from initial consult to recovery. By using the latest dental technology, our team can easily work together to solve severe dental cases, consult with patients, and communicate best practices. With streamlined procedures, we are able to provide high quality patient care that focuses on each individual patient’s needs without taking up more of their time than necessary.

Enhanced Patient Experience

The efficiency of technology also allows our dental provider to spend more time learning more about each patient’s dental needs which leads to clear treatment recommendations. In addition, digital technology provides patients with a better experience during a procedure because the dentist can more accurately predict the outcome and change course before completing the procedure. Overall, digital dentistry offers patients and dentists a greater advantage for an improved dental experience.

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Our office is always evolving to utilize the best digital dentistry practices to provide our patients with the best dental care in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. To find out more about our use of technology in our dental practice, please contact our office.

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