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Biomimetic Dentistry FAQ | Mar Vista CA

biomimetic dentistry

What is biomimetic dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry is a philosophy of keeping and preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible. Recent advances in adhesive dentistry allow your dentist in Mar Vista, CA to save more of the natural tooth structure and to replace only the decayed, weak and fractured parts of each defective tooth.

What are the benefits of the biomimetic approach?

Benefits of biomimetic dentistry include:

  • Preserving your tooth structure with minimally invasive treatment approaches.
  • Minimizing excessive preparation of your teeth for crowns.
  • Preventing catastrophic damage.
  • Eliminating post-op pain and sensitivity.
  • Restoring badly damaged teeth, otherwise considered un-restorable.

Is visiting a biomimetic dentist more expensive than visiting a traditional dentist?

No. Actually, in the long run visiting a biomimetic dentist can save you money by preserving your natural teeth.

Why should I choose Pasha Dental Group for my biomimetic dental needs?

The Biomimetic Approach and Preventive Dentistry can work alongside to save teeth for a lifetime, (at least much longer than typically possible with conventional dentistry). Our biomimetic dentist in Mar Vista, CA is committed to avoiding unnecessary procedures. She believes “Less is More” when it comes to treating teeth.

If you think visiting a biomimetic dentist is right for you, contact our dentist office to schedule your appointment. We look forward to helping you gently care for your teeth and gums while preserving your natural teeth.

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