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Here at Pasha Dental, we are wisdom teeth removal experts. The first thing we do when examining issues with wisdom teeth is to determine if removing a patient’s wisdom teeth is the best treatment option. Our dentist will evaluate how the wisdom teeth are growing through x-rays and examining the patient’s mouth. Most candidates for wisdom teeth removal have evidence of pain, infection, gum disease, or tooth decay due to abnormal growth of their wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Causes: Possible Effects of Wisdom Teeth Growth

When wisdom teeth grow correctly, they greatly aid in chewing. However, if they grow incorrectly, it can lead to a variety of oral complications for dental patients.

Trapped Food

Wisdom teeth that grow incorrectly can cause food to become trapped below the gum line and cause bacteria to grow.

Trouble Flossing

Improperly placed wisdom teeth can make it difficult to floss between molars allowing tarter to build up and plaque to form.

Possible Infection

Partially grown wisdom teeth can create the perfect place for bacteria to form under the gumline and cause infection. There are other adverse effects of incorrect growth of wisdom teeth, but all of the side effects can be prevented through wisdom teeth removal.

The dentist may also recommend wisdom teeth removal as part of the treatment for braces or other dental care. Ultimately, wisdom teeth removal is recommended to improve a patient’s oral health that would otherwise deteriorate if the teeth were left inside the mouth.

The process for wisdom teeth removal is simple and usually performed within one visit. If you would like to learn more about your wisdom teeth removal options in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, please call our office to schedule a consultation to get started or make an appointment online

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