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Tooth Restoration Services

If you have cracked or missing teeth, then our tooth restoration service can help you get your smile back. Here at Pasha Dental Group, we specialize in restorative dentistry that provides patients with beautiful, long-lasting smiles that preserve their natural teeth. With single or full arch implant treatments, patients can enhance their smiles by replacing their damaged teeth without sacrificing the health of their natural teeth.

Types Of Tooth Restoration Services

Restoring your teeth can not only provide you with a beautiful, radiant smile but also preserve the health of the essential portions of your mouth. Dr. Nazli strives to provide each patient with personal, compassionate care to help them create a confident smile. We offer Single Tooth Implant Services and Full Arch Implant Treatment Services.

Single Tooth Implant Treatment

With single tooth implants, patients can trust that their healthy teeth will remain unharmed while restoring their damaged or missing tooth. The natural look and esthetic feel of the implant allow it to function much like a natural tooth. Since the single tooth implant replaces both the tooth and the root, Dr. Nazli can better preserve a patient’s jawbone keeping healthy and intact for overall health.

Full Arch Implant Treatment

Full arch implants offer patients the ability to restore their smiles while preserving essential healthy portions of their mouths. By replacing not only missing or damaged teeth, but also the roots, Dr. Nazli can enhance a patient’s smile without causing long-term impairment to the patient’s jawbone. Full arch implants esthetics allow the patient to chew naturally and speak clearly. Overall, full arch implant treatments provide patients with a more minimally invasive alternative to restoring their smile in Los Angeles.

Dr. Nazli Majd aims to make your visit as comfortable as possible, feel free to make an appointment online today.

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