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Composite Bonding Treatment

If a patient is looking for a smile makeover but is not a good candidate for veneers, composite bonding treatment is the next best alternative. Composite bonding and veneers are both cosmetic dental procedures, but they have some key differences. … Continue reading

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Ways To Improve Your Smile

If you’re looking for ways to improve your smile, our Smile Analysis consultation was made for you. The overall goal of this analysis is to better understand the patient’s dental concerns, immediate needs, underlying issues, and improvement requests. It provides … Continue reading

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Preserving Oral Health With Mouth Guards

In addition to daily teeth cleaning and routine checkups, there are some cases where preserving oral health with mouth guards can make all the difference. For some, the use of protective sports guards guarantees they can enjoy their favorite pass … Continue reading

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Bridge Dental Work

One lasting solution to missing teeth is dental bridge work. A bridge is a dental restoration treatment that literally “bridges the gap” in a patient’s smile. To complete the bridge, dental crowns are placed on both teeth that surround the … Continue reading

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Upgrade Your Smile

If your goal is to upgrade your smile in 2022, then Pasha Dental’s cosmetic dentistry services are here for you. We offer everything from teeth whitening to gumline sculpting to help you achieve your smile goals. Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening … Continue reading

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Tooth Restoration Services

If you have cracked or missing teeth, then our tooth restoration service can help you get your smile back. Here at Pasha Dental Group, we specialize in restorative dentistry that provides patients with beautiful, long-lasting smiles that preserve their natural … Continue reading

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