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Oral Cancer Prevention Mar Vista

Preventative care is the best way to avoid health issues down the line. Here at Pasha Dental Group, we offer oral cancer prevention services via oral cancer screening in our Mar Vista office.

What Is Oral Cancer Prevention?

To provide premium dental care to our patients, we offer oral cancer screenings to detect signs of oral cancer or precancerous conditions inside a patient’s mouth.

Our goal of oral cancer screening is to find mouth cancer or precancerous lesions early when it is more likely to be removed or cured. Oral cancer screenings are recommended for patients who are at high risk of oral cancer. Some factors that contribute to oral cancer include the use of any tobacco; heavy alcohol use; previous oral cancer diagnosis; and excessive sun exposure that could lead to lip cancer.

The screening is simple but effective in helping with early detection. If the dentist discovers any signs of possible cancer or precancerous lesions, he may recommend a follow-up appointment or biopsy to determine if cancer cells are present. We desire to properly care for patients by aiding them in understanding all aspects of their oral health.

If you think your lifestyle may lead to oral cancer, please contact our office to request a consultation to find out if oral cancer screening is right for you. Our goal is to help patients in Mar Vista improve their oral health and confident smiles for a lifetime.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Los Angeles

Are you looking for expert wisdom teeth removal in Los Angeles? Pasha Dental Group has got you covered.

Do I Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

As a patient ages, it is guaranteed that they will at some point gain their wisdom teeth. For some, this causes no issues and their dental health is never affected, but for others, the growth of their wisdom teeth can cause a serious alteration in the appearance of their smile.

To determine if removing a patient’s wisdom teeth is the best treatment option, our dentist will evaluate how the wisdom teeth are growing through x-rays and examining the patient’s mouth. Most candidates for wisdom teeth removal have evidence of pain, infection, gum disease, or tooth decay due to abnormal growth of their wisdom teeth.

The process for wisdom teeth removal is simple and usually performed within one visit. Often, all four wisdom teeth are removed to guarantee the success of the procedure for the future oral health of the patient. The recovery process varies for each patient, but most find they are almost entirely back to normal within a few weeks of the procedure. If patients experience any unusual discomfort or swelling during or after the recovery process, it is vital for them to contact their dentist for immediate attention.

If you would like to learn more about your wisdom teeth removal options in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, please call our office to schedule a consultation to get started.

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Restoring Cracked Or Missing Teeth With Implant Treatment

Restoring cracked or missing teeth with implant treatment is easier than ever in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Dr. Nazli specializes in restorative dentistry that provides patients with beautiful, long lasting smiles that preserve natural teeth. With single or full arch implant treatments, patients can enhance their smiles by replacing damaged teeth without sacrificing the health of their natural teeth.

Restoring Cracked Or Missing Teeth With Single Tooth Implant Treatment

With single tooth implants, patients can trust that their healthy teeth will remain unharmed while restoring their damaged or missing tooth. The natural look and esthetic feel of the implant allow it to function much like a natural tooth. Since the single tooth implant replaces both the tooth and the root, Dr. Nazli can better preserve a patient’s jawbone keeping healthy and intact for overall health.

Restoring Cracked Or Missing Teeth With Full Arch Implant Treatment

Full arch implants offer patients the ability to restore their smiles while preserving essential healthy portions of their mouths. By replacing not only missing or damaged teeth, but also the roots, Dr. Nazli can enhance a patient’s smile without causing long-term impairment to the patient’s jawbone. Full arch implants esthetics allow the patient to chew naturally and speak clearly. Overall, full arch implant treatments provide patients with a more minimally invasive alternative to restoring their smile in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Restoring your teeth can not only provide you with a beautiful, radiant smile but also preserve the health of the essential portions of your mouth. Dr. Nazli strives to provide each patient with personal, compassionate care to help them create a confident smile. To find out if single or full arch implants are right for you, contact our offices to book a consultation.

Schedule A Consultation On Restoring Cracked Or Missing Teeth With Implant Treatment

At Pasha Dental Group we specialize in General, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Los Angeles (near Mar Vista). Dr. Nazli Majd aims to make your visit as comfortable as possible, feel free to make an appointment online today.

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Bad Breath Evaluation & Treatment

If you are suffering from halitosis (bad breath), then you may want to schedule an appointment for bad breath evaluation and treatment here at Pasha Dental Group. We specialize in both cosmetic and general dentistry, and can help determine if the cause of bad breath can be easily treated or requires more detailed treatment.

Bad Breath Prevention

Patients have the opportunity at home to guarantee their breath continues to be bacteria free and smelling fresh. Brush and floss daily. The easiest way to prevent bad breath is to brush and floss daily properly. This removes tartar and bacteria from the mouth preventing and long-lasting damage.

Brush Your Tongue

As stated before, the tongue collects most of the bacteria that cause bad breath, so regular brushing removes the build-up and lowers bad breath over time.

Avoid Dry Mouth

Keeping adequately hydrated helps promote saliva and in turn, keeps bad breath under control. Get a new toothbrush. Changing your toothbrush every three to four months guarantees the brush is functioning correctly while cleaning your teeth which removes bacteria and lowers bad breath.

Routine Dental Exams

It is essential to visit your dentist for optimal oral health at least twice a year. If you are concerned about the freshness of your breath, contact our office to schedule an appointment in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. We look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve fresh breath to better your life.

Bad Breath Evaluation and Treatment

To determine a patient’s bad breath, the dentist will smell both the breath from the mouth and nose then rate the odor on a scale. If it appears a patient’s tongue is the cause of the bad breath, The dentist may also scrape the tongue for an odor rating. After the evaluation, treatment options will be suggested. For most patients, bad breath treatment includes mouth rinse and toothpaste designed to kill bacteria built up in the mouth. For others, a recommendation to for periodontal (gum) treatment may be necessary to remove gum disease causing bad breath. Often bad breath can be lowered or prevented at home.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to speak with one of our dental experts.

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Best Smile Analysis

Looking for the best smile analysis in Mar Vista? Pasha Dental Group has got you covered. Our goal at our dental practice is to see patients confident with their smile and oral health.

The overall goal of our smile analysis is to better understand the patient’s dental concerns, immediate needs, underlying issues, and improvement requests. It provides patients with the opportunity for a personalized in-depth visit with our dentist for premium dental care. During the smile analysis, the dentist will examine the patient’s teeth, gums, and entire oral cavity.


The dentist will evaluate a patient’s teeth through a physical examination, by asking questions, and reviewing the patient’s dental history. The goal is to determine how to best improve the patient’s smile for their oral health and confidence. Gums. The dentist will assess the patient’s gum with the same process as the teeth to determine how to help the patient best. If any signs of gum disease are present, he may recommend a follow up for treatment.

Oral Cavity

The dentist will determine if any parts of the patient’s mouth are at risk for disease or complications. The ultimate goal is to assist the patient in achieving his/her brightest and most radiant smile.

What to Expect

During the smile analysis, it is essential for patients to express their likes, dislikes, and why they chose to have a smile analysis. This will best help the dentist to understand the patient’s dental goals and oral health. Whether it is to improve your overall oral health, fix an issue, or curiosity, we are here to assist you in your journey to attaining the best smile.

If you would like a personalized analysis of your smile, please call our office to schedule an appointment in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles. We look forward to working with you to improve your smile leaving you confident and ready to live your life to the fullest.

At Pasha Dental Group we specialize in General, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Los Angeles (near Mar Vista). Dr. Nazli Majd aims to make your visit as comfortable as possible, feel free to make an appointment online today.

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What Are Sealants?

Sealants are a thin protective coating made from dental materials that cover the deep grooves on surfaces of a patient’s back teeth. Sealants are designed to help prevent the early stages of a cavity from progressing but are not a substitute for daily brushing and flossing. The Centers for Disease Control found that school-aged children benefit significantly from sealants by immensely reducing their risk for cavities. Sealants are a beneficial tool for patients to keep their natural teeth healthy for more extended periods.

Sealants are most beneficial when used early in a patient’s life. As soon as a patient’s molars appear, sealants can be placed to give an extra coating of protection for a cavity-free mouth in the future. It is best to ask the dentist when it would be best to apply sealants and if you are a good candidate.

The process for applying sealants is quick and painless. The dentist will clean and dry a patient’s teeth before applying an acidic gel to roughen the surface for enhanced bonding between the tooth and sealant. After a few seconds, the gel is removed, the tooth is cleaned again, and the sealant is applied. A small blue light is used to harden the sealant and complete the process. Overall the process is simple and improves the protection of a patient’s teeth for long term oral health.

At Pasha Dental Group we specialize in General, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Los Angeles (near Mar Vista). Dr. Nazli Majd aims to make your visit as comfortable as possible, feel free to make an appointment online today.

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